The Early Warning Signs of a Toxic Woman (And How to Avoid Her)

The Early Warning Signs of a Toxic Woman (And How to Avoid Her)

We've all heard horror stories of toxic relationships. The jealousy, the constant fighting, the drama... it's enough to make anyone want to swear off dating altogether. But not all women are toxic. Most women are kind, caring, and easy to get along with. So how can you tell the difference between a woman who's worth dating and one who isn't? Keep an eye out for these early warning signs of a toxic girlfriend.








1. She's always jealous.


A little bit of jealousy is standard in any relationship. After all, you're both human, and it's only natural to feel territorial about the person you're dating. However, a toxic girlfriend will take things to extremes. She'll be jealous of your friends, family, co-workers, everyone. If she can't stand the thought of you talking to another woman, that's a major red flag.







2. She's always angry.


Anger is another emotion that's perfectly normal in relationships. But just like jealousy, there's a fine line between healthy anger and toxic anger. A toxic girlfriend will rage over minor things—a misunderstood text message, a harmless comment from a friend—and she'll never hesitate to take her anger out on you. If you always walk on eggshells around her, that's not healthy.







3. She always has to be correct.

Nobody likes being wrong, but some people take it to extremes. A toxic girlfriend will always have to be correct, even if she knows she isn't. She'll start arguments with you to argue and never admit when she's wrong. This can make a relationship incredibly difficult (and often frustrating).







4. She loves drama.

If there's one thing toxic women love more than anything else, it's drama. They thrive on it and always look for ways to create more of it in their lives, including in their relationships. If your girlfriend is always stirring up trouble and causing drama, that's a sign that she's not good for you.




If you see any early warning signs of a toxic girlfriend in your relationship, it's time to take action. Talk to her about your concerns and see if she's willing or willing to change. If she isn't, it might be time to consider ending things. There's no point in staying in a relationship that isn't healthy for either of you.

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