Red Flags in a Man: How to Spot Toxic Men Early

Red Flags in a Man: How to Spot Toxic Men Early

No one wants to end up in a toxic relationship. But unfortunately, it happens all too often. Many women find themselves in relationships with men who are emotionally abusive, controlling, and just plain toxic. So, how do you avoid men like this? By being on the lookout for red flags, that's how! Here are seven red flags to watch out for when dating a man.







1. He's a terrible communicator.

If a man can't communicate with you, he'll likely have difficulty discussing the problems in the relationship. This is a huge red flag and can lead to many problems down the line, so it's best to steer clear of men who can't hold a conversation.







2. He's constantly disrespecting you.

Whether through his words or actions, a man who constantly disrespects you is not worth your time. He doesn't deserve your respect, either. Move on from this guy!







3. He's overly jealous and possessive.

One of the first signs of a toxic man is jealousy. He may be jealous of your friends, family, or co-workers. A healthy relationship is built on trust, so if your man doesn't trust you, that's a major red flag. Possessiveness is another form of jealousy. If your man tries to control who you talk to, what you wear, or where you go, that's a definite sign that he's not healthy for you.







4. He's always right.

Toxic men always have to be right. They are never wrong, even when they are. If you find yourself in an argument with your man and he won't back down or admit that he's wrong, that's not a good sign. This type of behavior usually leads to more arguments down the road because he'll never take responsibility for his actions.







5. He prioritizes his own needs over yours (and everyone else's).

A toxic man will always put his needs above yours—and everyone else's. He doesn't care about your feelings or what you want; all he cares about is himself. This behavior usually manifests in selfishness and a general lack of consideration for others.







6. He has a history of bad relationships.

If your man has a long history of failed relationships, that should be a red flag for you. This could signify that he's incapable of having a healthy relationship or doesn't know how to treat women properly. Either way, it's not something you want to deal with in your relationship.







7. He tries to control you.

As we mentioned, possessiveness and jealousy are two major red flags in a man. But those aren't the only signs of control. If your man tries to tell you what to do or behave, that's also a sign that he's trying to control you. This type of behavior is often accompanied by emotional abuse, so if you see this red flag, it's essential to get out of the relationship as soon as possible.





These are just seven of the many red flags to watch out for when dating men. You must take action immediately if you see any of these red flags in your relationship. Whether that means ending the relationship or getting help from a professional, don't ignore these warning signs. Toxic relationships are never worth sticking around for.

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